First of all

thanks to my family Felix and Marion, without her understanding nothing would be.

Thanks to DK5YA – Udo who helps me with this homepage

Tom DC1NNN for the helping hands in the Antenna tests,

DK5LA on 2m and DK3WG on 70cm for test signals on the moon.

Also to  Peter DL1RPL with his V/H switch and DG7YBN by the 70cm Yagi Mods.

My friend Bernhard from BEKO  for all the Support.

Monika and Andre in BELIZE

 Do to my very heavy workload by QRL i need help on each edge.

This is a quite expensive DXPedition and each and every donation is welcome.

Thank you to support.
I invested about € 3500, -h
undreds of hours
in this project and about 330 QSOs were made.
Only by the support of all EME OP such expeditions are possible!
I will ship directly to all supporters the cards after Christmas.
However, I need some time, because that also makes some work.

thanks for the charitable contribution to ( List is not complete in the moment )

Udo DK5YA; Bernd DF2ZC ; Zdenek OK1DFC; Frank DL8HYR;

Kari OH2BC; Bernie ZS4TX ; Jan DL9KR; Bernd DL7APF ; Konrad PA5Y;

Jarda OK1RD; Gianni, IW4ARD; Dave G4RGK; Slava UT5DL;

Lothar DK4TG; Larry K1CA;  Yuu JH0BBE; Sven SM7THS;

Paul W2HRO; Erwin DK5EW; Aleksander EA8DBM; Ivan OK1IL

John K2ZJ; Ragge SM5DIC